TRIBOT Overview

TRIBOT has been specifically designed to suit a multitude of applications.  Its triangular mould with rounded edges allows it to stack safely into a corner, to maximize space and minimise workplace disruption.
Perfect for the farm, TRIBOT’s sit flat on the floor of car trunk or pickup bed, ensuring they use space efficiently and don’t fall over.  With specially designed backpack, TRIBOT is ergonomically designed to ease the strain on backs when using a backpack sprayer.



  • Manufactured from high-performance plastics (HDPE)
  • Rounded edges for strength.
  • Ribbed sides to add strength, aid strapping, and to provide unique value in combination with standard 44 gallon drums.
  • Indented base for stable stacking and ease of handling.
  • Tamper evident cap.
  • Easy lift indented handle with no protrusion.
  • Easy stacking in corners, to leave access ways clear.
  • Colour coded options for ease of identifying contents.